Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Virtue and Vice!!!

A Sweet Misfortune 

by Maggie Brendan

The second book in the Virtues and Vices of the Old West takes a step into the world of dancehall girls. Rachael Matthews is homeless and alone, with no where to go she turns to the world of dancehalls to support herself. When he brother finds out she has become a dancehall girl, he sends a concerned letter to his best friend with a plea for his best friend to rescue his sister from the life she has turned too. 

Cattle Baron John McIntyre is focused on acquiring as much land as he can to build his ranch as the best in Montana. The las thing on his mind is dealing with his best friends kid sister who has turned to the profession of  being a dancehall girl. But his devotion to his best friend urges him to go and play the prince on horseback. 

Stubborn Racheal sees John as someone who is trying to stop her from earning a living, until he tells her that he holds  the deed to her parents land. Determined to get the land back, she chooses to take the job offered her in John's Grandmother shop. This new chapter in her life , brings some unforseen news and some unexpected changes.

Will these two stubborn people be able to what is right in front of them??

I loved reading this story about a former dancehall girl and a rancher. One of the things that alot of people thought in that time period is that dancehall girls also were ladies of the night. In truth these women just danced for the money to provide for themselves. Alot of  these women had not other place to turn to and would not choose to become a lady of the night. Women in this time period had very few options out there for them to provide an income for them and their families if they lost their husbands.

This book was provided for free by revell reads for a honest review!!! 

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