Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Dating Journey: Meeting My Hubby

My Dating Journey: Meeting My Hubby 

I did not start dating till I was twenty years old, my first date was with a guy that I had met thru a mutual friend. I truly enjoyed going out on the date with this guy, but we did not hit it off very well. I was told by the mutual friend that I talked to much. It was a year before I went on another date with a guy that my boss had wanted me to meet. He was interesting, but he did not like that I was focused on volunteering as an EMT/FF. I even went on a few blind dates, each of them ended up not calling me back. One of my rules for dating was I only went out once with the guy and if I did not feel a connection with him I did not go out with him again. I struggled with being single and not having someone to be with. I dedicated myself to volunteering with my local fire and EMS company. Also I spent my weekends volunteering at a dirt racetrack with our ambulance. It was not till I was 30 did I meet the guy that would sweep me off my feet. As a little child I had a very dear older lady tell me that one day some young man would come and sweep my feet.  Growing up I just pushed this thought to the side and did not believe it would happen till one day it did. 

It was a Saturday evening at the race track and we was having a good evening till one of the 270 sprint cars wrecked straight into the guardrails. With the dirt flying from the wreck, our unit rolled down onto the track to provide assistance to the driver. We had to call for a rescue unit to bring in a tool called the Jaws of Life to help with getting our driver out of the sprint car. The crew came from the local fire company, one of that crew was a firefighter that later became my dear hubby. When he rolled up on scene he said  that he was very interested in the EMT that was caring for the patient. At that time we was not able to meet each other till a couple months later after the accident. We had a very dear mutual friend that bugged us about meeting till the point we decided to just give in one day. 

After we talked over the phone we decided to meet up that weekend. At the same time I was moving my new room-mate into our apartment, so we decided to do a double date. When that Saturday evening rolled around,  my room mates guy cancelled out on us. So my room mate decided to chaperon my date with my hubby to be. My dear hubby was a gentleman who bought our dinner that evening and stole my heart that night. 

My dear hubby still has my heart in his hands!!

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