Saturday, April 30, 2016

Forgivness and Healing!!

Land of Silence

by Tessa Afshar

 This story is so beautifully written and touched my heart as a daughter of Christ. I have always known of the verse that speaks of the woman with a problem with bleeding. This book dives deep into the life story behind the women who got a short notation in the New Testament. My heart broke as I read this story of a woman who was broken and lost. The moment that she finds healing brought a rush of relief and peace that flooded my soul.

Elianna is a young girl whose life has been touched with sorrow. When the loss of her little brother affects the whole family, when another tragedy hits the family.  Elianna has to step up to take over the family business, while caring for her family.  With her talent for design she draws more business to her father's textile trade. Still longing for the forgiveness that she seems to be not able to find, her world seems to just unravel in front of her. Choosing to sever the one tie that has held her for years, she breaks off the betrothal to her beloved. When illness strikes leaving Elianna broken in spirit and body. Desperate to find some relief, she seeks healing from all kinds of physicians. When none of them are able to heal her, she resigns to living a life of loneliness.  When one day she hears of the Great Physician, a man who is healing people with just a touch of his hand. Her journey  to find healing  may end with the forgiveness she has been longing. 

This book was given to me for free for a honest review by Tyndall Blogging.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Red Door Inn!!

Red Door Inn

by Liz Johnson

Marie Carrington is running from her former life, scared to death with nowhere to turn she finds hope on Prince Edward Island. Befriended by a older gentleman, Jack Sloane; he offers her a job decorating his bed and breakfast. To Marie's surprise she has to work alongside Jack's nephew Seth as they try to get the inn  ready for opening day. Using her talent for decorating she finds several key items to bring the inn a unique look of it's own. Seth has his own misgivings of this women who has found her way into his uncles life. After having been burned by his former fiancée', it is hard for him to trust another women without seeing his former fiancée' in their face.  As they spend time together Seth and Marie start growing closer as they work toward common goal of getting the inn up and running. Will these two find healing for the pain in their lives and see what is right in front of them.

This is a beautifully written story of hope and healing for the broken in heart. Showing hope for all who is looking for healing in their lives.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Charlie and Fiona!!

The Magnolia Duchess

by Beth White



Beth White brings us the the third installment to the Gulf Coast Chronicles with the sequel to The Creole Princess. Returning to Mobile Point in the summer of 1814 we find the British preparing to invade the colonies. We are introduced to a new heroine Fiona Lanier who is the daughter of Simon and Daisy Lanier. Being the only girl in her family of boys, she has been able to do whatever she wanted in life. When one day on a ride along the beach she finds a British soldier that has been washed up on the sand. Upon recognizing the soldier as a young man she had met years before in England. Taking a big risk Fiona brings the young man back to her home and nurses him back to health.

After losing his memory in a shipwreck, Charlie Kincaid woke up to see the face of an angel caring for his wounds.  During his time of healing, Charlie falls more in love with Fiona and gets to know her family as the time passes by. When he starts getting his memory back, he realizes he needs to get back to his ship. The more time he spends with the Lanier family, the more he starts to think about what is the right path for all.

Will Charlie and Fiona be able to settle their differences long enough to choose the right path for each of them?

I love reading this novel, it takes me back to a time period of struggles and where they had to make a choice to fight for what they believed in.  

I received this book for free for a honest review from Revell Reads.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Meet The New You!!!

Meet the New You

by Elisa Pulliam

We as women are always looking for ways to make ourselves better, by re-evaluating everything about our lives. This book empowers us to take charge of our own life transformation by engaging in a deeper relationship with God. Broken down into a 21 day plan it gives us new and fresh attitudes with focused habits to give us a real life change. Elise uses real life stories, biblical applications , personalty assessments, thought provoking questions combined with life coaching principals to bring us to a real life change. 

If you are looking for to change in youtr life this is a book for you!!!  Taking time to read a chapter a day is a way to take a big step toward becoming the new you!!

This book was given to me for free by blogging for books!!