Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Must Read for all suspense lovers!!!!

Deadly Encounter

by Diann Mills

In the newest series FBI Task Force by Diann Mills we return to Houston Texas, where meet the heroine Stacy Broussard an Airport Ranger volunteer. What seems like a very peaceful day to go horseback riding turns into encounter with a the FBI as the witness to a possible homicide. Drawn deep into the very baffling mystery of the dead man and his dog, Stacy chooses to take over the care of the injured canine. FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc has his guard up, after having learned his lesson of trusting a witness who was not so innocent in the end.  As time passes it seems the investigation keeps leading the Agents back to the vet clinic and it's owner as one of the target in this act of bio-terrorism. When a whole community is faced with a major health emergency that pulls everyone into all different directions.   Will the FBI task force be able to find the person behind all of this before other lives are endangered. 

Diann Mills has done it again, she has written another amazing suspense novel that just grabs you from the beginning. I could not put it down without just longing for the next time I could sit down to finish reading it. As an member of the healthcare community and a volunteer myself, I loved getting to read about another type of volunteer that chooses to help others.

A big thank you to Tyndall for providing a copy of this book to me for free for an honest review.

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