Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reclaiming Dreams in the Midst of Scandal

Change of Heart

by Courtney Walsh

Evelyn Brandt's life has been carefully constructed for her from the time she married her husband. One day her life is thrown into chaos when the FBI crashes her society lunch with the news of her husband being arrested for an embezzlement. She soon realizes that everything she thought he was, was truly the opposite of the man she thought she fell in love with.

Choosing to walk away from the facade of a life, Evelyn withdraws from everyone and everything around her. The Valentine Volunteers  are not willing to allow one of their own to wither away and become a loner. Teaming up they make big plans to use Evelyn's long forgotten talent to re renovate the iconic lamppost hearts. By doing so Evelyn will be forced to work closely with her Ex-husband's best friend Trevor Whitney. Although Trevor has came to her rescue and offered her a place of refuge; his uneasiness to be around her shows every time they are together. 

As the time passes Evelyn starts to see that her dreams are still there as creativity strikes her to start creating again. As she starts to bloom again, Trevor sees glimpses of the young girl he fell in love with years before. Will these two see what lays right in front of them and find healing in the Grace of God.

Courtney Walsh creates a beautifully written love story that love can overcome any obstacle in our lives. Our visit back to Loves Park brings some of our favorite characters back to visit again. I loved reading this story, getting to see dreams that was sacrificed being brought back to life.

I received this book from Tyndall for a honest review.

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