Thursday, March 23, 2017

Love and Danger!!!

Long Time Gone

by Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy has taken us on another wild adventure that has excitement from the first page to the end of the last page. We  have met the Boden family in the first book in the series "No Way up, where we found out that their was someone out to get rid of the family.  The second installment follows the second brother Justin, as he takes over the care of the ranch; while Cole is laid up from being shot. Justin is still trying to deal with the thoughts that someone is out there wanting to kill each of the members of the Boden family. As new facts come to light, he starts to realize that anyone close to the family could be in more danger than before. Choosing to protect, he try's to push away the one female that has caught his eye and literally fell into his life. Angie is not looking to get married again, she just wants to be stronger person than she was before she came to the west.  But it seems that God had other plans for these two and they find themselves falling in love. Will they be able to figure out the pieces before it becomes to late to protect the ones they love?

I love the story line, how it flows from character to character in the book. Each of the characters bring something to the story that we can find in ourselves. Stubbornness, strength, Quirky, outgoing and also some laughter in a time of seriousness. The way Mary  brought the love story in to play was very beautifully written. She has taken comedy, romance and a mystery and rolled it into one book. 

**I received this book for free from the publisher, I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions I have expressed are my own**

Friday, March 17, 2017

An Amish Home!!!

An Amish Home: Four Novellas by [Wiseman, Beth, Clipston, Amy, Fuller, Kathleen, Reid, Ruth]

An Amish Home: Four Novella's

Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid and Kathleen Fuller

Four very amazing authors come together to create An Amish Home: Four Novellas. Each of these stories is very heartfelt and draw the reader into the book. 

In A Cup Half Full, we meet a dear wife who longs for a child. Before they can have a family, Sarah was in an accident that causes her to lose the use of her legs. As her husband works to transform their home to adapt to the changes in their lives. Sarah to goes thru a transformation of her own in her spirit. 

Home Sweet Home finds Chace and Mia O'Conner homeless and desperate to find a place to stay. When they are offered a place to stay and a job for Chace to bring in an income. Finding themselves living in a very rustic cabin with no modern conveniences, it wears on both of them. Instead of turning toward each other for the hope they end up at each other's throats blaming the other person.  With the help of their Amish friends, Chace and Mia find that home is truly where the heart is.

A Flicker of Hope brings us a story about an older couple that finds their marriage in shards. When a fire destroys the home they have lived in for many years. It seems like it is a way to shake loose all the precious memories that have been buried in the past. For Thomas and Noreen King healing is found in a flicker of hope and love.

In Building Faith we meet Faith Miller who is a very unusual young Amish woman. She has a love for creating beautiful things from wood from the time she was a child. When she is asked to design the kitchen for her cousin's new home, Faith jumps at the idea of creating a lovely gift. But to her dismay, she has to work with her ex-fiance Silas on this building project. As they work together to create a dream kitchen for the ones they love, it creates a deep longing of love between the two. Will they be able to put aside the past and walk forward in faith?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher to review. This review is my honest opinion of the book.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Love Bears all things!!!

Love Bears All Things (An Amish Secrets Novel) by [Wiseman, Beth]

Love Bears All Things (An Amish Secrets Novel)

by Beth Wiseman

In the second installment of the An Amish Secrets series, we find Charlotte Dolinsky needing time to recover from a bad breakup with her boyfriend. When suddenly the answer to her troubles shows up on her doorsteps in the form of her Amish friend's brother. Turning away from all of her life issues, she focuses on helping this young man in his time of struggle. In the midst of all the things going on. Charlotte chooses to be very deceptive of what is going on. But she is not the only one that is hiding secrets from their friends.

Daniel Byler lives with a struggle to heal every day in his beloved Amish community, after being betrayed by his fiance. Now his pain has turned to fear after he discover's that another of his family members is in danger of being shunned.His only hope is to turn to the most unlikely person for help, an  Englisher, Charlotte Dolinsky.

As the two spend time together, Charlotte finds herself building a friendship with Daniel. As more secrets and surprises are revealed, this friendship is the one that she will need to lean on.  Will Charlotte's Amish friends be able to show her the power of redemption and lead her home.?

Beth Wiseman writes a very delightful story about friendship, redemption and love. The journey for Charlotte is a long one, but it shows us that we have hope that is given to us thru love and redemption.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book, I was not required to give a positive review. This review is my honest opinion of this book.