Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Every Bride has Her Day

Every Bride has Her Day

Today is a special day for me, it is my wedding anniversary. On this day a very rainy afternoon my hubby and I stood in front of our beloved family and friends to say I do. The months that led up to that day, was a struggle for both of us. We had so many telling us how we should plan our special day, where we should have it at and what to wear for the day. When it came down to it, we planned a wedding that was us; as a couple. A Old Fashioned Campmeeting Wedding theme, that took place at a special place for my family. 

Here is a few pics from my very special day!!

Calming the brides nerves!!

We chose a location that we both loved, a campmeeting grounds near where my parents grew up at and my grandmother took all of the grandkids too. It made it even more special that my dad was able to be there and walk me down the aisle.

We chose a simple setting with not much decorations, but a look that played up our love of Country Western. I truly did not want the formal bride and groom sides of the church. So the benches were  just set up so you could sit wherever you wanted to.

Each of  my girls was chosen, because they was precious in my life. They had a place of honor in the wedding, just as they had a special place in my heart.

These guys was the best groomsman we could have picked, at the last minute two of our dear friends had to fill in for two other guys who did not make it to the wedding.

Mr and Mrs Dennison!!

After a very rainy day, the sun came out to shine as we walked out of the covered pavilion as husband and wife. Some advice I would give a bride to be is plan your wedding for what you and your groom loves. Your day is about the two of you as a couple and not everyone else.

It makes it seem right to celebrate my wedding anniversary with a review of a book about a bride planning her wedding Day.

The third installment in the Brides of Style series, finds Katie getting ready to plan for her big wedding day. Coming from a small town, she is having a hard time being able to say what she wants for her wedding plans. With everyone from her co-workers to the WOP-pers wanting to plan her wedding without consulting her. When a bride in the same predicament comes into the shop looking for a dream wedding dress, Kate comes to a realization of her own. The wedding is to be a what she and her groom would love it to be like. With help of her handsome groom, she is able to set her foot down and plan a sweet wedding that was just for them. In the midst of all the crazyness, Several Propsals are made, a promptu wedding and a baby announcement is made; making this a very  sweet and cute read that showcases small towns and families

This book was given to me by Revell reads for an honest review!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Murder comes to a Small Town!!


Murder Comes by Mail

by A. H. Gabhart

The first thing that caught my eye about this book is the cat on top of the mailbox, that sold me on reading this book.Upon reading it, I find out a cat does play a crucial part in the book. I love when authors give animals a part to play in their storylines. I have read several other books by A. H. Gabhart and she has done it again with this very cozy mystery. She grabs you from the first page and keeps you till the end of the book.

As the second book in  the series, the tile holds true that murder comes by mail. When Deputy Michael Keene receives a package containing photos from a murder scene, with it a letter that points him toward a suspect. The same guy that he stopped from jumping off the local bridge the week before. Feeling like he could have stopped this murder, Michael chooses to assist on the investigation of  this murder. When a second body is found, the reality hits home that Hidden Springs is no longer a quiet safe place till they find who is the murder. The more Michael digs to find out who the jumper was, the more he finds that points back at him being the main target. With the help of his aunt and the local newspaper owner, they work hard to make the town safe again for all who live there.

I received this book from Revell in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Captivating to the last Page!!

Silence in the Dark

by Patricia Bradley

This is the first book I have read by Patricia Bradley, from the moment I opened the book till I finished it I was  hooked. Even though this is the fourth book in the series, I was able to read it without having to read the three books before it. I truly love getting to read a good mystery and this was a read that kept you guessing to the end of the story. You will cheer for the heroine and the hero as they escape from the bad guys and return back to Logan Point to try to solve the mystery.

Bailey Adams is excited to go back home for a visit with her family before returning back to her missions work. She has accepted an offer of escorting  the young niece of a local businessman back to the US for a visit with the child's grandparents. When they are chased by a local cartel, she has no one to turn to except her ex-fiance Danny Maxwell. With the combined help of a local hero and an waitress; the five are able to escape across the border to the US. Danger follows them across the border, will Danny and Bailey be able to find healing in the midst of turmoil?

This book was given to me from Revell  in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frontier New York!!!

A Flight Of Arrows 

by Lori Benton

In the second book of the Pathfinders Series, we find Anna Doyle waiting for the love of her life, Two Hawks to return. After finding out her brother is the missing twin of Two Hawks, Anna longs for William to be found. Her adopted father Reginald still struggles with his guilt from twenty years ago. When the twins parents reach out to Reginald and show him forgiveness; he chooses to forge on each day in his guilt. When William found out the truth of his past, he took off and headed to join the ranks of the aggressive British.

When Reginald and Stone Thrower, the father of the twins come together to search for their missing son; it takes them into the midst of the battle. Lydia who longs for Reginald to be released from his emotional prison; chooses to go with Anna to the camp of Two Hawks family. As they wait for their beloved ones to come home, they prepare for the needs of the wounded that will be arriving after the battle. Will they find William in time to find healing for Reginald and their famlies. 

 This book continues awhile after The Woods Edge ends, it continues the story of a set of twins that had been separated shortly after birth.  A look back into the history of the frontier New York, during a time when the British was at war with the colonies. Lori Benton dives deep into a piece of history that not many get to read about. 

This book was received  from blogging for books for free for an honest review. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Anchor in the Storm!!!

Anchor in the Storm

by Sarah Sundin 

In the second book in the Waves of Freedom series, we meet Lillian Avery a plucky young Pharmacist. After landing a coveted job as a Pharmacist, she is met with many more roadblocks. After losing her leg in an accident, Lillian has pressed on proving that she could be strong on her own. When she meets her brothers friend Ensign Archer Vandenberg; the society darling and heir to the Vandenberg fortune. She is not impressed with the charm he pours onto her during his visit to her family home. As Lillian adapts to working for Dixon's drug store and the rules that the Mr Dixon impresses on her. She starts to see a pattern that doesn't seem right to her, she puts her trust in Archer. 

As a survivor of a sinking destroyer, Archer is struggling with having to go back on a ship with anxiety issues. When he starts noticing that there is more men on the ship having issues and it seems that no one wants to listen to what his thoughts are about what is going on. When Lillian tells him of her suspicions of a possible drug ring, they team up to investigate. As they dig up more evidence on the drug ring, the more time Lillian and Archer spend together. Will they be able to find the ringleader of the drug ring, before harm comes to both of them.     

I have been long waiting the arrival of this book, after finishing the first book "Through Waters Deep" in the series. My wait was rewarded when this book arrived and I started reading it. Sarah Sundin has done it again and took us back to the WWII era. A time when women was struggling to find a place in the workforce. Getting to peek into the WWII era is something I like, it is good to read and find out more about our history.

I received this book for free for an honest review by Revell Reads