Monday, January 25, 2016

Good Fantasy Read

Merchant of Alyss

by Thomas Locke 

The second book in the Legends of the Realm, Merchant of Alyss finds Hyam living at in Falmoth Port with his wife Joelle. Many changes has happened in his life, a chance encounter has brought new wisdom and love finds a way into his heart. As he is slowly recovering from his last battles, a mysterious shipment arrives that draws his attention. When his dreams become haunted by soon coming conflicts and mythic beasts, he has to face another battle; the battle to rescue his beloved from  a sorcerers spell. Hyam sets out over desolate lands to save what is dearest to him, his wife and community. As he sets out on this new journey, he must rely on his abilities and his forbidden past to be able to win the battle. This quest could either bring deliverance or devastation.

I truly like reading fantasy and checking out new reads, but this book was a hard one for me to get into. This was not the kind of book i would read, but I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading fantasy.

This book was provided to me for free by Revell Reads for a honest review.

Love and Family conflict!!!

Hannah's Choice

by Jan Drexler

As the eldest daughter, Hannah Yoder has shouldered alot of the responsibilities  in her family. Striving to bind the threads of her family back together with her mothers depression, her sisters rebellion and her fathers worries, she becomes the strong one. She loves the settled and peaceful life that her family has living along the banks of the Consetoga Creek. Believing that at some time she will settle down with her best friend and have a family in the same area as her family is settled. When suddenly her father is offered a chance at moving west  closer to a amish community by another fellow amishmen that is moving. Along comes a young amish man that truly believes Hannah is the one he is to marry. Forced to face making a decision of staying behind near her beloved home or following the one who promises her life of adventure following God's call west. Will Hannah choose to stay with what is familiar or choose to follow her heart toward a new land.

Jan Drexler writes a page-turning novel that makes you want to know what is going to happen to the characters next. As you read you are drawn toward each character as they go thru each of their struggles in life. I truly recommend this book as  one to read and collect, I cant wait till the next one comes out. 

This book was provided for free by Revell Reads for an honest review.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hope for Marriage

Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

by Dr Greg and Erin Smalley

Looking for hope toward having a marriage filled with passion and advenure, look no further Dr Greg  and Erin Smalley bring a fresh look to the issues  that face many couples.  The newest edition to the resources at Focus on the Family, brings a new outlook to marriage and the issues couples face. Each of the 12 secrets are broken down and discussed in a very real language that is very understandable to all. Dr Greg Smalley even inserts bits of humor into the chapters that will give everyone a laugh, while being able to see the thoughts he has given. Erin provides a female perspective into each of the secrets for marriage. 

This book opened my eyes on several on the secrets, I will truly apply this book to my marriage and pass it on to my friends. I loved the way authors shared about their marriage and used the term war as a thought of marriage. Truly we are in a war to keep our marriages surviving in a culture that throws the word around like it is piece of trash.  

A big thank you to Tyndall for providing this book for free for a honest review. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prodigal Love!!


You're the One That I Want

by Susan May Warren

Owen Christiansen has been on a downward spiral , since an injury ended his NHL career, not knowing where to turn disappeared for a long time. When the chance comes around for a fresh start in his life with a  job on a crabbing boat. This job comes with a chance at romance with the captains daughter Elise "Scotty" McFlynn. Scotty is used to being one of the guys, never having to rely on anyone to do anything for her. Happy ever after is not in the future plans for her, Scotty's life is captaining her fathers crabbing boat. Her thoughts changed when a near death experience for Owen, gives her another look at her future. 

When Casper, Owen's older brother comes to drag the prodigal home, along comes a boatload of family drama. News comes thru that Casper is wanted for questioning about a murder back in Minnesota. Scotty is pulled in to escort both of the brothers back home to Deep Haven as one of her duties of her new job on the Anchorage police force. Torn out of all she has known that is familiar and stuck into the midst of a world full of family, faith, and fresh starts. Will Scotty see that there is hope for a future for her filled with love and family.

From the moment I opened this book and read the first page I was hooked to this series. I truly did not want to put his book down till I had finished the last page. Susan May Warren's writing pulls you into the story and keeps you wanting to know what is going to happen next. I recommend this series to all who loves to read adventure and romance.

This book was provided for free for a review by Tyndall blogging!

Refuge of Love!!!

A Refuge at Highland Hall

by Carrie Turansky

The third installment to the Edwardian Brides Series by Carrie Turansky, brings us back to Highland Hall. Set during the time period of the WWI, Penny Ramsey travels to London to help her sister Kate with the eight orphan children that have been taken in by Kate and her husband. Devoted to doing her part to help with the war effort, Penny has had no time to think of  her dreams of romance. Until one day a Royal Navy Air service pilot in  training, Alex Goodwin walked into her life. Determined to prove his worth and do his part in defending his country, Alex does not want to form any romantic attachments. As Penny and Alex write letters back and forth to each other, their friendship grows giving Alex a link to normalcy and home. As Alex confronts the enemy and returns home badly injured, it pushes him to a point of beyond Penny's reach. Will Alex be able to see the good that is right in front of him and will Penny be able to reach Alex in time to show him God's love.

A beautifully written book about love during a time period where lives was being shaken up by WWI.
It takes a look at a time where lives was being lost and where one family chose to provide for some of the smallest victims, the orphans of London. As the sister of Kate, Penny has chosen to help her with the care of the children. This is something we do not see often in our time period, this story truly touches my heart seeing the strength of Penny and Alex pulling together to show love to their families.