Saturday, August 29, 2015

Visual Nature of Men.

Through a Man's Eyesby Shaunti Feldhahn and Craig Gross

Shaunti Feldhahn author of "For Women only" teams up with the founder the XXXChurch Craig Ross to bring us women a deeper insight on the men in our lives. This book delves deeper into the way a man's brain works and shows us how much differently they are wired than a woman's brain. Breaking  it down into a language we can understand and be able to see what our men are struggling with every day of their lives. It shows that are men are normal and there is nothing wrong with them being visual, that it actually is part of their makeup to gaze upon their beloved wives. Our culture has made it harder for men to treat a woman like a real person, when they are bombarded with sexual images everywhere they turn. We as wives and mothers need to be the support for our men and open our eyes to the pitfalls they are facing day by day. Taking the time to teach our young sons how to treat a girl like she is something precious and not an object to be used,. It may mean taking a second to see if we have a wardrobe malfunction or even looking through our outfits to see if there is something that may be too revealing. It truly does not mean we as women need to dress in a potato sack to go when  anywhere. Many of the beautiful women I have met over the years have shown me how to dress very tastefully and feminine. Another way of supporting our beloved husbands is providing them with plenty of visual images of ourselves to store up for the time when they need to pull one out to do battle against the pitfalls in front of them. 

This book is  must read for all women, it truly will open your eyes to be able to understand the visual nature of our men .

This book was provided for free for a honest review by Blogging for books.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lady in Waiting: A time of healing and love.: Girl in the Songby Chrissy Cym...

Lady in Waiting: A time of healing and love.:

Girl in the Song
by Chrissy Cym...
: Girl in the Song by Chrissy Cymbala Toledo As the daughter of the pastor of a church that started out in the rough ...

Girl in the Song
by Chrissy Cymbala Toledo

As the daughter of the pastor of a church that started out in the rough and tumble area of Brooklyn to a well known church, Chrissy grew up seeing how much the streets could effect others. She had the life alot of kids would have loved to have,parents who loved her and friends that adored her. But as time passed she grew to crave the one thing she could not get enough of and that was the attention of others. It started out with just wanting to look beautiful in everyone's eyes, clothing and her makeup became an obsession for her.  One day while she was hanging with a group of her friends, two new guys walked in to the church. Her interest turned to these new guys, as time passed she was drawn more and more toward the one guy. The more time Chrissy spent with Jay, her obsession grew with having the attention he gave her. During their time together Jay introduced her to new music that seemed to speak to her. These songs spoke of the one thing she yearned for Perfection. To achieve what she was craving, Chrissy chose to deceive those who loved her the most. Secret after Secret piled her down till one day she could not keep up with all of her lies. The truth came out taking Chrissy down the same path that she say others take when she was growing as little girl. Thinking she had nowhere to turn she chose to stay in the deception she had created till one day she was able to see the light of hope.

This a beautiful story of how deceiving things can be that can pull us down in our lives and that there is a hope out there in Jesus Christ.

A great Big thank you to Tyndale Publishers for providing this book for free for a review

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A truly wonderful historcal read!!


Where Treasure Hides
by Johnnie Alexander

As daughter of an artist Alison Schuyler has spent her whole life surrounded by the history of art. Growing up as the grandaughter of the owner of the Van Schuyler fine Arts Gallery, she has focused herself on helping her grandfather in his work. Knowing the curse that followed the family, Alison is determined to avoid getting married. During one of her business trips she is delayed at the Waterloo station, where she meets Ian Devlin a British Army Captain for the first time. Ian is drawn to  Alison, which causes her to face her fear of love for the first time. As World War II breaks out they are separated and each drawn into different battles. Ian  fights for freedom on the battlefield and is captured as a POW by the Nazi's. After finding her passion in working with the Dutch Underground to find a Safe haven for the Jewish children and priceless art work.  As the war goes on it seems there are so many things trying to keep Alison and Ian apart. Will they be able to hold onto the faith and their love for each other, long enough to be able to find each other.

This book was truly a page-turner, and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.