Monday, December 28, 2015

Hope for all wives!!!

Shelia Wraye Gregoire has done it again, she has written another amazing read for all wives out there. If you feel like there is no hope out there for you or you are just looking for a way to better your marriage this is the book for all of you. Each of the nine thoughts that she outlines in her book comes with action steps for each thought and plenty of real life stories to go along with them. She takes the pat answers that so many people try to give us to help us thru our struggles and turns the light onto the answers. Each of these truths are written out in a language a wife can truly understand from a wife that truly understands.

I found this book to very helpful with the struggles that I am facing in my marriage, I would recommend this book to all wives out there looking for hope in their marriages. 

I received this book for free for a honest review by blogging for books. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Mermaid Moon(A Sunset Cove Novel)

by Colleen Coble

Mallory Davis has not been back home for fifteen years, after getting a phone call from her father has he is dying; she decides to return home to find out the truth. With the help of her high school sweetheart Kevin O'Conner a game warden in down east Maine; she embarks on a path of finding out who killed her father.  Willing to keep Mallory safe and out of harm while holding her at a arms length away form his heart.

As Mallory starts receiving death threats against her and her beloved daughter, it draws Kevin to want to protect both of them more. Their search deepens and more clues are uncovered leading to more questions on the past. Can Mallory and Kevin find the healing for their hearts, while trying to keep out of danger?

Colleen Coble has written another spine tingling book that you will not be able to put down till the last page. I can't wait to read her next book. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Golden Braid 

by Melanie Dickerson

Rapunzel is a multi-talented girl, she can throw a knife, paint beautiful paintings and sing like a bird with a voice that can put a animal to sleep. But there is two things she longs for to learn how to read and to marry. Her mother rules the household and choses when and where they live and work. When a young man proposes to Rapunzel, her mother packs up everything and shuffles them both off on a long journey to a new place. 

That journey brings danger and adventure into Rapunzels life, on the road to the kingdom of Hagenheim they meet up with a knight. Sir Gerek. Sir Gerek and /Rapunzel's lives seem to be intertwined, after saving their lives Rapunzel in turn saves Sir Gereks life with well placed thrown knife. As a thank you to Rapuzel, Sir Gerek agrees to repay his debt to her by teaching her to read. 

As Rapunzel adjusts to the changes of living in a big city, she uncovers a mystery that will change her life. This retelling of the story of Rapunzel is a delightful one, adding intrigue and mystery to the story give it more  of a fairytale feel.

Melanie Dickerson has done it again and brought us another intriguing fairytale brought to life. Ican't wait to see wait she bring in her next book.

Friday, November 27, 2015

When Love Returns!!

When Love Returns

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The third installment of the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy finds Suzanne returning back to the Old Order Mennonite Community where her adopted daughter Alexa has established a bed and breakfast in her grandmother's house. Her return to the home she grew up in is not easy for Suzanne, making a choice to provide care for her mother and to be closer to her both of her daughters is tiring. Suzanne's  relationship with Alexis has grown, while her relationship her and Paul's biloigical daughter is still under wraps. 

As they watch their biological daughter getting ready for her upcoming wedding, Paul and Suzanne realize they still have feeling for each other and have to  choose what they want to do next. Will they choose to join together and rebuild a stronger friendship that may lead to marriage. 

Alexis is facing a change of her own, her longing to find her birth mother has grown and she chooses to go back to find her. Knowing she has to leave the bed and breakfast in her mother's hands and step  out onto a new journey in her life. Will Suzanne and Alexis both learn to let go and trust in God for the \future.

This book is truly a wonderful end to a amazing love story, getting to see what God has fro this family that has chosen to overcome and forgive.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Reality vs Fairytale!!!

Coming into my marriage, I truly thought is was going to be the most beautiful thing in my life. I would be swept off my feet by this prince charming and carried off to live happily after. We would spend our honeymoon making wondrous and beautiful love just like the couples in the harlequin books  that I read when I was a teenager.

Yeah Right!!!

Reality  struck on our first day of our honeymoon, the man I thought I had married was not who I thought he was. He was flawed, he was not the prince charming or the amazing lover I had dreamed of. Our first big fight happened on our honeymoon, I was devastated  my dream of a beautiful time together was ruined. The months passed by and things justed seemed to get worse for us. I was working away from home and when I came home all I wanted to do was spend time with my dear hubby. His thoughts was he wanted to spend time with his family and friends, not this woman who was being very demanding with him. This is not what I thought marriage was going to be like, I felt broken and lost with no family or close friends nearby to support me. There was days I truly wanted to pack up everything and go back to where I was from and give up on my marriage. 

What I did not know was God was working in my life, this brokenness in my life was the path I needed to take to see that I needed to place my trust more in him than in my husband. My husband was human he was prone to making mistakes and causing hurt in my life. By expecting my hubby to fulfill all my needs I was setting my hubby up for failure in our life together. As the time  passed I surrendered more and more of the pain and struggles  over to GOD. He was the one who loved me with all of my flaws and could see deep down inside my heart was breaking into pieces. 

Even today my dear hubby still makes mistakes and causes hurts, but I know realize he is trying his best and I also am human and will do the same thing to him. I have made the choice to love my dear hubby for who he is and not the imaginary white knight I was dreaming of as a teenager. Also I am not the maiden in need of a rescue, I am a daughter of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Letting Go of Control!!

One of my struggles in my marriage is not having control over things, I let myself get angry over things that I should let go of. It has taken me a long time to get to a place where I know take a deep breath and think before I speak. I did not realize I had done this till the other day my dear hubby told me he had taken money out of the account without telling me. This has been a issue that would usually have gotten me very upset and very angry. This time I had taken a moment to breathe and we was able to talk about the issue without a huge fight. The reward out of this was my dear hubby more willing to listen to how I was feeling about the issue. 

I have learned in this past year I can not control everything in my life. Things are going to happen in our lives that we can not control, like a car accident, health problems, infertility, marriage problems. Our marriage has not been like a fairy tale, we have faced  many struggles in the years we have been married. Some of those struggles have been money issues, loss of a vehicle and my hubby having a stroke on top of everything. Earlier this year I was in a wreck due to the weather, it took me several months to get over the feeling that I could have done something to stop myself from getting into a wreck. 

There are still times I feel I have to control things in my life, but I have to take a deep breath and pause; I can not control all things. There is only one person who controls things in our lives and He is the one all knowing GOD. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mothers Love and Forgiveness


by Terri Roberts


As the mother of the Nickel Mines gunman, Terri Roberts was hit with a storm of grief over the tragedy. Raising her children she never thought of having to deal with a situation like this in her life. Storms have been apart of her life since she was a little girl, so Terri has become a survivor thru lifes storms. She tells her story of growing up and raising a family of her own. The one thought that I find from this book is "A survivor heals by submitting to surrendering the pain of their heart  to the one above."

I have much in my life growing up but as a first responder myself, I have not ever had to face a tragedy as bad as this. My heart broke as I read the story of the struggles that this family went thru. This story is truly remarkable, God has used Terri Roberts in an amazing way. He took something that was a very tragic time for so many and made it an example of God's Grace. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Truly Blessed!!!

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed

by Missy Roberston

When Missy married Jase Roberston, she knew that her marriage and life was going to be an adventure. But what she didn't know was the years ahead was also going to have challenges for both of them. After having two boys, it was a joy to find out that they was having a little girl. That time of  joy was shortened when they found out their little girl had a cleft palate. Their little girl was going to be different and she would have to face a lifetime of struggles. This is their story of how Missy and Jase was able to face the struggles that was headed of them with the help of their faith and family by their side.

This book will make you laugh and bring you to tears as you read about their struggles and fun this family has went thru. Their story will give you hope and make you want to embrace them for the strength that has made this family who they are. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Must Have in every Kitchen!!

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison

If you are looking for a cookbook that is full of healthy and yummy recipes to feed your family, the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is for you. Jam packed full of recipes from slow-cooker meals to smoothies, it will satisfy all kinds of taste buds in your  home.  As the follow up companion cookbook to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan it will help you to be success-full at slimming down while eating very delicious food. THM ladies are devoted to helping families to eat healthy meals and sharing their passion for creating delectable meals. The cookbook has tips to help you in the kitchen and gives you alternatives to ingredients that you may not have access to. 

This cookbook is a must have in my household, it will help me to continue to make yummy meals from my dear hubby while keeping a control on his blood sugar. While at the same time I can still fulfill the sweet cravings that we both have with some of the delicious desserts in the cookbook. 

I received this cookbook for free for an unbiased review from Blogging for books. 

Wild at Heart, Fire and Ice!!!

Fire and Ice 

by Mary Connealy

The sequel to the Wild at Heart series brings us the eldest Wilde sister, Bailey the one who took care of her sisters thru the thick and thin. Now with both of her sisters married and looking to start families of their own. Bailey is struggling with not having anyone around on the homestead during the long and lonely winter months. When her neighbor Gage Coulter, comes to her with a very wild plan that Bailey agrees to it. As the neighboring homesteader Gage is trying to make something of himself to prove that he is truly a man. After receiving a letter from his mother advising him that she is on her way to visit him, he has to find himself a wife.  But there seems to be someone that is out there trying to hurt Gage and keep him from gaining more land. Can Gage and Bailey set aside their independence and see that they need each other's love in their lives? 

This sequel to the Wild at Heart series is truly a spellbinding end to the story of the Wilde Sisters trilogy. It makes you want to keep reading to find out who is after Gage and are him and Bailey going to see that they are just right for each other. 

 I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good to Be Queen

It's Good to Be Queen
by Liz Curtis Higgs

Queen Sheba is the one queen in the bible that has been made out in the movies to be very much different than what the story tells us in the Bible. This book delves deeper into the story of Queen Sheba and her visit with King Solomon. Following the quest Sheba took to find the wisdom she was seeking, we are able to find the real treasure that she found The verses are broken down and discussed in detail, with thoughts from regular women like us.

I truly loved reading this book and hits straight to the heart on each of the thoughts. This book can be used as a bible study, to help us find what we are looking for in our lives as women. Liz Curtis Higgs has truly wrote another amazing book that will help women of all ages.

This book was free in exchange for a honest review.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Healing Memories!!

The Memory Weaver 

by Jane Kirkpatrick

As a young child Eliza Spalding Warren was taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians during a massacre in 1847. Now she is a mother of two young children with no mother to guide her in her marriage and child raising  Her husband chooses to make a new start in another territory, which means leaving the only safe place she has known and her mother's grave; while returning to to the land of her  captivity. Struggling with the memories that haunt her, Eliza longs to know how her mother dealt with everything  that happened in her life. Reading her mothers diary brings her closer to how her mother dealt with the struggles that life dealt her as a missionary to the Nez Perce Indians. Also Eliza's journey toward healing takes he back to where the massacre happened and she is able to forgive the ones that she thought failed her. 


Thank you to Revell reads for this complimentary copy of this book for a honest review.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A thriller!!!

Product Details

Deadlock by Diann Mills

The third book in the "An FBI Houston series " opens with special Agent Bethany Sanchez walking into her first crime scene with her new partner Special Agent Thatcher Graves.  In the back of her mind, Bethany is not sure how she will be taken as her new partner is the agent who arrested her brother and placed him in jail. Their differences in investigative styles is going to collide during their work on each case. Thatcher is trying to make changes in his life as a new believer in Christ. Meeting his new partner Bethany at the scene of a possible serial killer, throws both of them straight together into a difficult case. Throwing a wrench into the works is Bethany's family has disowned her for not supporting her younger brother after his stint of crime. Each of the victims come from very different backgrounds with no connection except for the scorpion placed with their bodies at the crime scene. As new evidence as found it seems they might have a lead to solve the case. But someone is trying to undermine their case by posting blogs saying that the agents are not doing their job. When an attempt on their lives gets both agents pulled off the case, it makes them more determined to solve the case before they have another victim. Will they be able to solve the case and realize their love for each other? 

Deadlock is truly another thriller to the last page, it keeps you wanting to know what is going to happen till the end of the book. I loved reading about the FBI and getting to see two very different characters fall in love. Diann Mills has brought has another top notch romantic suspense novel.

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers who has provided a complimentary copy of this book for free for a honest review.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Visual Nature of Men.

Through a Man's Eyesby Shaunti Feldhahn and Craig Gross

Shaunti Feldhahn author of "For Women only" teams up with the founder the XXXChurch Craig Ross to bring us women a deeper insight on the men in our lives. This book delves deeper into the way a man's brain works and shows us how much differently they are wired than a woman's brain. Breaking  it down into a language we can understand and be able to see what our men are struggling with every day of their lives. It shows that are men are normal and there is nothing wrong with them being visual, that it actually is part of their makeup to gaze upon their beloved wives. Our culture has made it harder for men to treat a woman like a real person, when they are bombarded with sexual images everywhere they turn. We as wives and mothers need to be the support for our men and open our eyes to the pitfalls they are facing day by day. Taking the time to teach our young sons how to treat a girl like she is something precious and not an object to be used,. It may mean taking a second to see if we have a wardrobe malfunction or even looking through our outfits to see if there is something that may be too revealing. It truly does not mean we as women need to dress in a potato sack to go when  anywhere. Many of the beautiful women I have met over the years have shown me how to dress very tastefully and feminine. Another way of supporting our beloved husbands is providing them with plenty of visual images of ourselves to store up for the time when they need to pull one out to do battle against the pitfalls in front of them. 

This book is  must read for all women, it truly will open your eyes to be able to understand the visual nature of our men .

This book was provided for free for a honest review by Blogging for books.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lady in Waiting: A time of healing and love.: Girl in the Songby Chrissy Cym...

Lady in Waiting: A time of healing and love.:

Girl in the Song
by Chrissy Cym...
: Girl in the Song by Chrissy Cymbala Toledo As the daughter of the pastor of a church that started out in the rough ...

Girl in the Song
by Chrissy Cymbala Toledo

As the daughter of the pastor of a church that started out in the rough and tumble area of Brooklyn to a well known church, Chrissy grew up seeing how much the streets could effect others. She had the life alot of kids would have loved to have,parents who loved her and friends that adored her. But as time passed she grew to crave the one thing she could not get enough of and that was the attention of others. It started out with just wanting to look beautiful in everyone's eyes, clothing and her makeup became an obsession for her.  One day while she was hanging with a group of her friends, two new guys walked in to the church. Her interest turned to these new guys, as time passed she was drawn more and more toward the one guy. The more time Chrissy spent with Jay, her obsession grew with having the attention he gave her. During their time together Jay introduced her to new music that seemed to speak to her. These songs spoke of the one thing she yearned for Perfection. To achieve what she was craving, Chrissy chose to deceive those who loved her the most. Secret after Secret piled her down till one day she could not keep up with all of her lies. The truth came out taking Chrissy down the same path that she say others take when she was growing as little girl. Thinking she had nowhere to turn she chose to stay in the deception she had created till one day she was able to see the light of hope.

This a beautiful story of how deceiving things can be that can pull us down in our lives and that there is a hope out there in Jesus Christ.

A great Big thank you to Tyndale Publishers for providing this book for free for a review

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A truly wonderful historcal read!!


Where Treasure Hides
by Johnnie Alexander

As daughter of an artist Alison Schuyler has spent her whole life surrounded by the history of art. Growing up as the grandaughter of the owner of the Van Schuyler fine Arts Gallery, she has focused herself on helping her grandfather in his work. Knowing the curse that followed the family, Alison is determined to avoid getting married. During one of her business trips she is delayed at the Waterloo station, where she meets Ian Devlin a British Army Captain for the first time. Ian is drawn to  Alison, which causes her to face her fear of love for the first time. As World War II breaks out they are separated and each drawn into different battles. Ian  fights for freedom on the battlefield and is captured as a POW by the Nazi's. After finding her passion in working with the Dutch Underground to find a Safe haven for the Jewish children and priceless art work.  As the war goes on it seems there are so many things trying to keep Alison and Ian apart. Will they be able to hold onto the faith and their love for each other, long enough to be able to find each other.

This book was truly a page-turner, and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.