Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frontier New York!!!

A Flight Of Arrows 

by Lori Benton

In the second book of the Pathfinders Series, we find Anna Doyle waiting for the love of her life, Two Hawks to return. After finding out her brother is the missing twin of Two Hawks, Anna longs for William to be found. Her adopted father Reginald still struggles with his guilt from twenty years ago. When the twins parents reach out to Reginald and show him forgiveness; he chooses to forge on each day in his guilt. When William found out the truth of his past, he took off and headed to join the ranks of the aggressive British.

When Reginald and Stone Thrower, the father of the twins come together to search for their missing son; it takes them into the midst of the battle. Lydia who longs for Reginald to be released from his emotional prison; chooses to go with Anna to the camp of Two Hawks family. As they wait for their beloved ones to come home, they prepare for the needs of the wounded that will be arriving after the battle. Will they find William in time to find healing for Reginald and their famlies. 

 This book continues awhile after The Woods Edge ends, it continues the story of a set of twins that had been separated shortly after birth.  A look back into the history of the frontier New York, during a time when the British was at war with the colonies. Lori Benton dives deep into a piece of history that not many get to read about. 

This book was received  from blogging for books for free for an honest review. 

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