Friday, February 26, 2016

Back in the Saddle!!!!

Back in the Saddle (Double S Ranch)

by Ruth Logan Herne

The prodigal son returns home to the Double S Ranch in Gray's Glen Washington, Colt Stafford returns back to his roots to only find his father not doing well and the ranch needing his assistance. To his surprise their is a new addition to his father's household of a feisty housekeeper named Angelina Morales. Ready to help his father out in their time of need, Colt buts head with his younger brother Nick, who has been their dad's right hand man. Even though Colt is broke, he feels that spending some time at home will get him to a point he could return to the world of Wall street. Upon meeting Angelina and her family, Colt's heart is deeply touched and starts to soften more toward a possibility of a new life with a family of his own. When tragedy strikes the town, the Stafford brothers put their heads together to form an idea that might revive the town and heal the deep wounds created by their father.

Ruth Logan Hearne writes a very exciting story that takes you to a small town in Washington state. The story draws you in and by the end makes you want to know what is going to happen to the other two Stafford brothers and will the town rebuild after tragedy.  

I received this book for free from Blogging for books for a honest review.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Journey Home in Four Seasons!!!

Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons

by Christie Purifoy

Arriving at her new home in September, all Christie was longing for was a place to settle down in the craziness of this world. This was going to be the place where her family could settle down and grasp the things that was right in front of them, a place they would call home. An old farmhouse sitting on top of hill, called to them with so many possibilities. Looking forward to welcoming her fourth child into her family, she had many plans of making this new home a place of sanctuary for her family. Roots and Sky tells of the first year of life spent at Maplehurst thru the trials and triumphs for the family. It starts with the September they moved thru to the next august. We get a glimpse into a life and struggles of a mother and wife setting roots down and  learning to branch her limbs out to make friends in a very different area than what she was raised in. 

There is so much spiritual and life aspect shown thru this story that it makes you feel like you know Christie as a friend. I love getting to spend some time reading this story and seeing life thru another womans eyes.

This book was given to me for free by Revell for a honest review. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spine tingling suspense!!

Drawing Fire

by Janice Cantore

As a homicide detective Abigail Hart worked hard to help others solve homicides and bring closure to their tragedies When she is called out to a possible serial killer case, her best lead ends up being a Private investigator named Luke Murphy. When the latest victim turns out to be the relative of the governor, things seem to be working out for her on a cold case of her own. As the daughter of a former restaurant owners that was killed in a very deadly fire, Abby was placed into the foster system and hidden away for her safety. Now as an adult it seems she might be able to find some closure of her own, When the chance is offered for Abby and Luke to meet the governor on his terms, it seems like they both are going to get the chance to ask the burning questions. Instead the meeting leaves both of them with more questions then ever, after Abby reveals herself to the governor as  the daughter of his deceased friends. With everyone telling her to leave the past alone, Abby turns to Luke for assistance on searching for the truth behind the years of deceit.

The first book in the Cold Case series introduces us to the Abigail and Luke; two people connected thru a cold case that has affected both of their lives. It draws you in and makes you want to know what happened the night of the fire that took the lives of their loved ones. I truly can't wait for the second book to see what is in store for Abby and Luken as they continue their search for answers.

This book was given to me for free for a honest review by revell.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Prophetess Deborah

The Prophetess (Deborah's Story)

by Jill Eileen Smith

Deborah's life was touched with tragedy when her father and brothers was slaughtered by the enemies of the nation of Israel. In this very dark time period of her life, she is called to lead God's people back to him. Deborah never asked to be the one to lead her people or to be the one sitting as a judge for them. As she sees visions with a voice she feels compelled to be there for them. Will her family ever be able to see that the work she is doing will lead them to the freedom they are longing for. Will her people trust her to hear the word from God calling them to turn from the idols they have set up.

Another beautifully written story about a very strong woman in the bible, that is mentioned as a judge of the nation Israel. It shows that God not only chose men to do his will, but also a woman who was chosen to do a very big job in a very hard time period. Jill Eileen Smith artfully crafts a story out of a small account in the bible with the research she has done of that time period.

This book was given to me for free for a honest review from Revell.

A bible story seen with new eyes!!!


by Mesu Andrews

The second novel in the A Treasures of the Nile series by Mesu Andrews brings us to many years after Moses exile from Egypt. We find Miriam taking care of her elderly parents and earning a meager living as a healer of her people. The oppression that has grown heavier on the Hebrews has caused so much struggles for God's people that so many have wandered away from EL Shaddai. When her younger brother comes back from the wilderness with a message of deliverance for God's people. This message leaves Miriam and her family reeling with the news that they may be able to see freedom. As each of the plagues hit Egypt the Hebrews struggle with seeing the love that EL Shaddai is trying to show them. Will they see the hope that is in front of them and place their trust in Moses as he fights to lead them from slavery to freedom. 

Mesu Andrews delves into another bible story and brings it to life right before our eyes. Her way with writing a biblical based novel truly will take you by the arm and you will not want to put the book down till you finish it. Can't wait till the next novel comes out, would love to know what she will bring to light in the bible stories I have heard from a child up.

This book was provided for free for a honest review by Blogging for Books.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A race against time and death!!

Always Watching  

by Lynette Eason

The first novel in the Elite Guardians introduces the founder of the Elite Guardians, Olivia Edwards former cop turned bodyguard. When one of her employees is attacked and left for dead while on an assignment. Olivia steps up to the plate and takes over the assignment, protecting a popular psychiatrist and radio personality Wade Savage. When the stalker moves from leaving innocent gifts to death threats against the ones closest to  Wade; Olivia's skills is pushed to the limits. Enlisting the help of  some fellow cops and body guards, she provides around the clock protection for Wade and his daughter. Their plans are turned upside down when Wade and his daughter go missing under the watchful eyes of the body guards. Now it is a race against time to find where they was taken to and rescue them. Will Olivia and her team get to them in time before the worst happens and will Olivia admit to her feelings for Wade.

Lynette Eason has wrote another spine tingling, suspense filled and thrilling novel that you will not be able to put it down. It makes you want to turn the next page to find out if the heroine will be able to protect her client from the danger that faces them.

This book was given to me for free for an honest review by Revell.