Friday, November 27, 2015

When Love Returns!!

When Love Returns

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The third installment of the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy finds Suzanne returning back to the Old Order Mennonite Community where her adopted daughter Alexa has established a bed and breakfast in her grandmother's house. Her return to the home she grew up in is not easy for Suzanne, making a choice to provide care for her mother and to be closer to her both of her daughters is tiring. Suzanne's  relationship with Alexis has grown, while her relationship her and Paul's biloigical daughter is still under wraps. 

As they watch their biological daughter getting ready for her upcoming wedding, Paul and Suzanne realize they still have feeling for each other and have to  choose what they want to do next. Will they choose to join together and rebuild a stronger friendship that may lead to marriage. 

Alexis is facing a change of her own, her longing to find her birth mother has grown and she chooses to go back to find her. Knowing she has to leave the bed and breakfast in her mother's hands and step  out onto a new journey in her life. Will Suzanne and Alexis both learn to let go and trust in God for the \future.

This book is truly a wonderful end to a amazing love story, getting to see what God has fro this family that has chosen to overcome and forgive.

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