Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Reality vs Fairytale!!!

Coming into my marriage, I truly thought is was going to be the most beautiful thing in my life. I would be swept off my feet by this prince charming and carried off to live happily after. We would spend our honeymoon making wondrous and beautiful love just like the couples in the harlequin books  that I read when I was a teenager.

Yeah Right!!!

Reality  struck on our first day of our honeymoon, the man I thought I had married was not who I thought he was. He was flawed, he was not the prince charming or the amazing lover I had dreamed of. Our first big fight happened on our honeymoon, I was devastated  my dream of a beautiful time together was ruined. The months passed by and things justed seemed to get worse for us. I was working away from home and when I came home all I wanted to do was spend time with my dear hubby. His thoughts was he wanted to spend time with his family and friends, not this woman who was being very demanding with him. This is not what I thought marriage was going to be like, I felt broken and lost with no family or close friends nearby to support me. There was days I truly wanted to pack up everything and go back to where I was from and give up on my marriage. 

What I did not know was God was working in my life, this brokenness in my life was the path I needed to take to see that I needed to place my trust more in him than in my husband. My husband was human he was prone to making mistakes and causing hurt in my life. By expecting my hubby to fulfill all my needs I was setting my hubby up for failure in our life together. As the time  passed I surrendered more and more of the pain and struggles  over to GOD. He was the one who loved me with all of my flaws and could see deep down inside my heart was breaking into pieces. 

Even today my dear hubby still makes mistakes and causes hurts, but I know realize he is trying his best and I also am human and will do the same thing to him. I have made the choice to love my dear hubby for who he is and not the imaginary white knight I was dreaming of as a teenager. Also I am not the maiden in need of a rescue, I am a daughter of Jesus Christ.

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