Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mothers Love and Forgiveness


by Terri Roberts


As the mother of the Nickel Mines gunman, Terri Roberts was hit with a storm of grief over the tragedy. Raising her children she never thought of having to deal with a situation like this in her life. Storms have been apart of her life since she was a little girl, so Terri has become a survivor thru lifes storms. She tells her story of growing up and raising a family of her own. The one thought that I find from this book is "A survivor heals by submitting to surrendering the pain of their heart  to the one above."

I have much in my life growing up but as a first responder myself, I have not ever had to face a tragedy as bad as this. My heart broke as I read the story of the struggles that this family went thru. This story is truly remarkable, God has used Terri Roberts in an amazing way. He took something that was a very tragic time for so many and made it an example of God's Grace. 

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