Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Truly Blessed!!!

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed

by Missy Roberston

When Missy married Jase Roberston, she knew that her marriage and life was going to be an adventure. But what she didn't know was the years ahead was also going to have challenges for both of them. After having two boys, it was a joy to find out that they was having a little girl. That time of  joy was shortened when they found out their little girl had a cleft palate. Their little girl was going to be different and she would have to face a lifetime of struggles. This is their story of how Missy and Jase was able to face the struggles that was headed of them with the help of their faith and family by their side.

This book will make you laugh and bring you to tears as you read about their struggles and fun this family has went thru. Their story will give you hope and make you want to embrace them for the strength that has made this family who they are. 

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