Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Girl in the Song
by Chrissy Cymbala Toledo

As the daughter of the pastor of a church that started out in the rough and tumble area of Brooklyn to a well known church, Chrissy grew up seeing how much the streets could effect others. She had the life alot of kids would have loved to have,parents who loved her and friends that adored her. But as time passed she grew to crave the one thing she could not get enough of and that was the attention of others. It started out with just wanting to look beautiful in everyone's eyes, clothing and her makeup became an obsession for her.  One day while she was hanging with a group of her friends, two new guys walked in to the church. Her interest turned to these new guys, as time passed she was drawn more and more toward the one guy. The more time Chrissy spent with Jay, her obsession grew with having the attention he gave her. During their time together Jay introduced her to new music that seemed to speak to her. These songs spoke of the one thing she yearned for Perfection. To achieve what she was craving, Chrissy chose to deceive those who loved her the most. Secret after Secret piled her down till one day she could not keep up with all of her lies. The truth came out taking Chrissy down the same path that she say others take when she was growing as little girl. Thinking she had nowhere to turn she chose to stay in the deception she had created till one day she was able to see the light of hope.

This a beautiful story of how deceiving things can be that can pull us down in our lives and that there is a hope out there in Jesus Christ.

A great Big thank you to Tyndale Publishers for providing this book for free for a review

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