Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Anchor in the Storm!!!

Anchor in the Storm

by Sarah Sundin 

In the second book in the Waves of Freedom series, we meet Lillian Avery a plucky young Pharmacist. After landing a coveted job as a Pharmacist, she is met with many more roadblocks. After losing her leg in an accident, Lillian has pressed on proving that she could be strong on her own. When she meets her brothers friend Ensign Archer Vandenberg; the society darling and heir to the Vandenberg fortune. She is not impressed with the charm he pours onto her during his visit to her family home. As Lillian adapts to working for Dixon's drug store and the rules that the Mr Dixon impresses on her. She starts to see a pattern that doesn't seem right to her, she puts her trust in Archer. 

As a survivor of a sinking destroyer, Archer is struggling with having to go back on a ship with anxiety issues. When he starts noticing that there is more men on the ship having issues and it seems that no one wants to listen to what his thoughts are about what is going on. When Lillian tells him of her suspicions of a possible drug ring, they team up to investigate. As they dig up more evidence on the drug ring, the more time Lillian and Archer spend together. Will they be able to find the ringleader of the drug ring, before harm comes to both of them.     

I have been long waiting the arrival of this book, after finishing the first book "Through Waters Deep" in the series. My wait was rewarded when this book arrived and I started reading it. Sarah Sundin has done it again and took us back to the WWII era. A time when women was struggling to find a place in the workforce. Getting to peek into the WWII era is something I like, it is good to read and find out more about our history.

I received this book for free for an honest review by Revell Reads

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