Sunday, January 17, 2016

Refuge of Love!!!

A Refuge at Highland Hall

by Carrie Turansky

The third installment to the Edwardian Brides Series by Carrie Turansky, brings us back to Highland Hall. Set during the time period of the WWI, Penny Ramsey travels to London to help her sister Kate with the eight orphan children that have been taken in by Kate and her husband. Devoted to doing her part to help with the war effort, Penny has had no time to think of  her dreams of romance. Until one day a Royal Navy Air service pilot in  training, Alex Goodwin walked into her life. Determined to prove his worth and do his part in defending his country, Alex does not want to form any romantic attachments. As Penny and Alex write letters back and forth to each other, their friendship grows giving Alex a link to normalcy and home. As Alex confronts the enemy and returns home badly injured, it pushes him to a point of beyond Penny's reach. Will Alex be able to see the good that is right in front of him and will Penny be able to reach Alex in time to show him God's love.

A beautifully written book about love during a time period where lives was being shaken up by WWI.
It takes a look at a time where lives was being lost and where one family chose to provide for some of the smallest victims, the orphans of London. As the sister of Kate, Penny has chosen to help her with the care of the children. This is something we do not see often in our time period, this story truly touches my heart seeing the strength of Penny and Alex pulling together to show love to their families.

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