Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rescue and Romance!!!!

Wild Montana Skies

by Susan May Warren

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Susan May Warren in person, recently at our local community library. She had chosen our library as one of her stops on her book tour for Wild Montana Skies. Her visit to our little local reading spot was a bright spot for several of our regular patrons. Susan spent some of her time with us telling us about her newest series and giving us some tips on becoming an author.

In her newest series called Montana Rescue, Susan introduces us to a new group of unsung heroes. A SAR  (Search and Rescue) team that has been put together by a very wealthy benefactor in the town of Mercy Falls, Montana. In Montana Rescue we meet a former military search and rescue pilot Kacey Fairing who has returned home on a leave. During her time home she has accepted an offer to fly for the local SAR team, with the hopes of reconnecting with her teenage daughter.

At the same time Ben King has placed his dreams and career on hold to return back home to care for his dad. Making the choice to take his dad's place as the head of the SAR team is a big decision for Ben. This decision puts him back in the life of the one person he has spent his adult life running from.

As these two are thrown together as part of the SAR team working to perform the rescues that are needed during the flood that has hit Mercy Falls and the surrounding area. We get to see them work thru some very big issues in their life and make choices

The story told here is about the lives of a few SAR team members and the issues they deal with every day. This story touches my heart deeply as a EMT/FF myself, I understand some of what these characters are going thru in the story. The time that is spend helping others in their time of need sometimes weighs on the loved ones. At times the things each of these rescue workers go thru can take a toll on them.

This book was given to me by Revell for an honest review. 

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