Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Refreshing Summer Read!!!!


A Book  Review of :  

                           All Summer Long    

                                          by Melody Carlson

The second book in the "A San Francisco Romance" series; introduces us to Tia D'Amico a young chef that is still looking for her place in life. When the dream job drops into her lap via her Dad's sister; Tia jumps at the chance to go to San Francisco. After inheriting her in-laws old luxury yacht Tia's aunt decided to transform it into an upscale floating restaurant. Hiring Tia to be the chef and a young man from their church to captain the yacht. 

Before Tia can make it to her destination her uncle is hospitalized and all the demo work is laid in her lap. Excited to prove she can make this work for her aunt and uncle, her hopes are struck down when she realizes she has to work with her summer sailing camp crush. 

Leo Parker is happy to have found a job as a yacht captain, the king of job he loves doing being on the water. When the girl from summers ago walks back in his life, the same day his girlfriend proposes to him. Deep down inside he longs for more in his relationship, but does not know what the roadblock is. 

Determined to make this venture a hit, Tia throws herself into the work getting the yacht seaworthy for a upscale floating restaurant. With the help of Leo's sister she gets things ready for the boat to be showcased on the website. But along the way she finds her self privy to a few secrets that she does not want to be privy too. Will Tia stand aside and watch as Leo marry's another woman? 

This was a delightful summer read, with a very heartwarming and uplifting story about family. I loved getting to visit another area thru a book. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Revell Reads. 

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