Saturday, April 30, 2016

Forgivness and Healing!!

Land of Silence

by Tessa Afshar

 This story is so beautifully written and touched my heart as a daughter of Christ. I have always known of the verse that speaks of the woman with a problem with bleeding. This book dives deep into the life story behind the women who got a short notation in the New Testament. My heart broke as I read this story of a woman who was broken and lost. The moment that she finds healing brought a rush of relief and peace that flooded my soul.

Elianna is a young girl whose life has been touched with sorrow. When the loss of her little brother affects the whole family, when another tragedy hits the family.  Elianna has to step up to take over the family business, while caring for her family.  With her talent for design she draws more business to her father's textile trade. Still longing for the forgiveness that she seems to be not able to find, her world seems to just unravel in front of her. Choosing to sever the one tie that has held her for years, she breaks off the betrothal to her beloved. When illness strikes leaving Elianna broken in spirit and body. Desperate to find some relief, she seeks healing from all kinds of physicians. When none of them are able to heal her, she resigns to living a life of loneliness.  When one day she hears of the Great Physician, a man who is healing people with just a touch of his hand. Her journey  to find healing  may end with the forgiveness she has been longing. 

This book was given to me for free for a honest review by Tyndall Blogging.

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