Sunday, February 7, 2016

A bible story seen with new eyes!!!


by Mesu Andrews

The second novel in the A Treasures of the Nile series by Mesu Andrews brings us to many years after Moses exile from Egypt. We find Miriam taking care of her elderly parents and earning a meager living as a healer of her people. The oppression that has grown heavier on the Hebrews has caused so much struggles for God's people that so many have wandered away from EL Shaddai. When her younger brother comes back from the wilderness with a message of deliverance for God's people. This message leaves Miriam and her family reeling with the news that they may be able to see freedom. As each of the plagues hit Egypt the Hebrews struggle with seeing the love that EL Shaddai is trying to show them. Will they see the hope that is in front of them and place their trust in Moses as he fights to lead them from slavery to freedom. 

Mesu Andrews delves into another bible story and brings it to life right before our eyes. Her way with writing a biblical based novel truly will take you by the arm and you will not want to put the book down till you finish it. Can't wait till the next novel comes out, would love to know what she will bring to light in the bible stories I have heard from a child up.

This book was provided for free for a honest review by Blogging for Books.

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