Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Story of Easter!!

The Women of Easter: Encounter the Savior with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth, and Mary Magdalene by [Higgs, Liz Curtis]

An Encounter with the Saviour thru the Women of Easter!!

A Review of Women of Easter by Liz Curtis Higgs.

"This Season of Grace,
Deepen Your Faith in God
Who So Loved the World
that He Gave Us His Son."    A quote from Amazon

 As I read this book it gave me more insight into the Easter story, a very different outlook. Liz breaks down each verse and brings it to life with her writing. We meet the women who followed our Lord thru his journey to the cross.

Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene are just a few of the women that are spoken about. Each of these women played a special part in the ministry and journey of Jesus Christ. It amazes me how much women are held highly by our Lord. He cared enough to speak to the women and provide comfort for them even in his time of suffering. He put aside his cares to think of provision for his mother while he was on the cross. Then he chose to appear to a very shaken up  Mary Magdalene after his resurection. 

From page one I was hooked, as I read each chapter it opened my eyes to more of what Jesus was like.  I recommend this book to be read by all women any time of the year. It can be used as a standalone or a bible study over several weeks. It was very interesting to find out how much of a part of the Easter story that the women played. 

This will be a book I will re-read and take time to just delve into the story of Easter.

** I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books to review. This review is my honest opinion of the book.**

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